According to an article published by the Healthlin, 5 Benefits Of Morning S£x. Here are 5 Benefits of Having intercourse in the morning:


1. It is essentially childproof.

Sometimes all it takes to get that alone time in is setting your alarm for ten minutes before the kids get up. By having intimacy first thing in the morning, according to Morse, you can reduce the likelihood that a young child will knock on your door or, in some cases, bust it wide open because they heard something go bump in the night and want to cuddle with you.

Additionally, if you schedule time to have intimacy to relieve tension first thing in the morning, you’ll find it easier to handle school drop-offs and last-minute homework checks.

2. You won’t be overly exhausted.

Why not save intimate relations for right after you’ve had a restful night of sleep? A long day can really wear you out. Yes, Morse admits, “you probably won’t be overflowing with energy the moment you open your eyes.” But she assures that the journey there won’t take very long.


3. You’ll glow nicely and naturally.


Reduce the length of your cosmetic application to five minutes, or forego it altogether: The release of chemicals during a climax also increases estrogen levels, which can enhance the tone and texture of your skin and hair. When you’re already rushed in the morning (is that just me? ), this is very helpful.

4. Early pleasure improves cognitive function.

Having intercourse can enhance cognitive function and memory, so you’ll not only be laser-focused during the act itself but also later on in the day when you’re giving a presentation at 3 o’clock. Who really needs to go to Starbucks a second time?

5. It facilitates later sleep.

Not because it makes you tired (though an intense romp can), but rather because “when you have intimate relations and orgasm, your brain releases oxytocin, our feel-good hormone, as well as lowers cortisol, dubbed the stress hormone, as well as releases melatonin, which helps us sleep,” which is why it helps you fall asleep.

This chemical concoction creates the ideal mix for a deeper slumber, so you’ll enjoy a decent night’s rest before getting up early the next day.

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