The nation’s new monarch King Charles III travelled from Balmoral to London on Friday morning, following the death of his mother the Queen. Journeying alongside his wife, the Queen Consort Camilla, the King flew from Aberdeen to RAF Northolt ahead of his televised address to the nation later. On arrival at Buckingham Palace, he was greeted by thousands of well-wishers in a moving moment.

King Charles III leaving Balmoral this morning
Image caption, King Charles III looked thoughtful as he left the Balmoral estate, where Queen Elizabeth II died peacefully on Thursday afternoon
Queen Consort Camilla looking tearful
Image caption, Camilla also appeared sombre on the journey to Aberdeen Airport on Friday morning
King Charles III at Aberdeen airport
Image caption, Dressed in mourning clothes of a black suit, the new monarch was seen walking to the aircraft
King Charles greets airport staff at Aberdeen airport
Image caption, He greeted staff before embarking on the flight

The King’s sons, the Duke of Cornwall and Cambridge, and the Duke of Sussex also left Balmoral on Friday.

A Range Rover carrying Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex leaves Balmoral
Image caption, Early on Friday morning, Prince Harry was seen leaving for Windsor where he and his wife are due to stay until after the period of national mourning ends
The Duke of Sussex
Image caption, Prince Harry also caught a flight from Aberdeen airport
Harry was seen putting his arm around an airport worker at Aberdeen airport as he travelled back to London early this morning.
Image caption, He was seen putting his arm around a member of staff as they spoke on the way to his flight
King Charles in the royal limousine
Image caption, King Charles was driven away from RAF Northolt in a royal limousine
King Charles and Queen Camilla
Image caption, Crowds lined the roads as the new King and Queen Consort arrived at Buckingham Palace
King Charles arrives at Buckingham Palace for the first time
Image caption, King Charles stepped out of the vehicle at Buckingham Palace as the monarch for the first time
King Charles greets the public at Buckingham Palace
Image caption, King Charles then stopped to shake hands and speak to members of the public who had gathered outside the palace
King Charles has his hand kissed by a member of the public
Image caption, Some greeted the King with kisses and well wishes, while others offered him their sympathy and condolences
King Charles reads messages left to his mother the late Queen
Image caption, He also read messages left at the palace to his mother the late Queen
King Charles and Queen Camilla look at flowers outside Buckingham Palace
Image caption, He was joined by Camilla as they read some of the tributes
King Charles and Queen Camilla
Image caption, They then walked into Buckingham Palace for the first time as King and Queen Consort

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