Nigerian man, Austin Akpos has advised men nt to be in a long-term relationship with women women who hate their fathers.

“F**k them!! But by every means let them go 2d other guy who’ll fuck em. Don’t try to be a savior. They’ll ruin u. First signs a woman is damaged:

1. A Nigerian feminist

2. Hate men

3. Hate her father

4. Hates people of her father’s ethnic group- That’s where Urhobo women come in,” he wrote.

“Once you discover a woman hates her father so much, fuck them vigorously and dump them. No matter what you do, you’ll be seen through prisms of their father’s failures. F**k them SHEGE and dump them BANZA”

"F***k them vigorously and dump them" - Nigerian man advises men not to have long-term relationship with women who hate their fathers

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