what is love within Entertainers ?

Love in the Entertainment industry especially among talented singers is when you Stream your fellow singers song and share to people within your vicinity .

Earlier today Super star singer Emyung the (Dema crooner) sent a video to us Kingdvibes on WhatsApp With a write up saying send this to Obeena, behold when the video was unveiled we discovered that the video he did contains one of Obeena’s ObeedientEp Track with the Title MONEY NO DE DO .



Emyung by doing this it was vivid that he doesn’t have Obeena’s number but he streams his song’s and when we delivered the video to Obeena he was shocked, Surprised and so happy and demanded for Emyung’s number, this is true love, Wish all Entertainers will copy this and Spread love instead of hatred .

Meanwhile  Emyung’s new song Titled jeje drops by 12am African Time stay tuned .

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