Nigerian music sensation Davido has finally reacts to Wizkid’s Attack.

Davido swiftly responded, dismissing Wizkid’s remarks and accusing him of being “sick.” In a blistering clapback, Davido declared, “We’re not delusional. You’re sick man.”

“Exactly why I stopped wasting my clout and jeopardizing my millions of USD of endorsements on someone whose career was resurrected a few years ago just to die again. Next!”

 He  also went further to address Wizkid 

As A woman beater.

The exchange between the two Nigerian music heavyweights has sparked intense debate among fans and observers, with many speculating about the underlying tensions between them. 

As the feud escalates, fans eagerly await further developments in what promises to be a fiery showdown between Davido and Wizkid.

Honestly this is very disappointing .

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