The fact is that you cannot pursue two goals at once. For example, you cannot pursue your ideal future while also putting your efforts into pursuing women. You will become distracted and may fail to achieve any of those goals. I’ll give you three arguments in this post as to why you ought to give up on women as someone who desires success.


1. They may begin to take you for granted.

Most women are incredibly cunning; they may easily entrap you so that you won’t even be aware of it. They may begin to take you for granted if you keep pursuing them when they become disturbed by your persistent efforts. They would think you have nothing else significant to do with your life and have nothing to contribute to them. They would thus prefer to manipulate your emotions to keep you chasing after them than telling you how they feel about you.

2. You can become disoriented.

Another good reason to quit going after women is that you run the risk of losing your identity and all the values you’ve worked so hard to establish. When you’re running after women, all of your thoughts and conversations will be focused on them; it will almost feel like an obsession, and you could find it difficult to pay attention to other crucial areas of your life.

3. You could lose your relationships with friends.

People could start to avoid you or not want to be around you once they see that all of your attention is focused on pursuing women, causing you to divert yourself from them. Therefore, you should quit pursuing ladies and put your attention on other vital aspects of your life if you don’t want to spend your life alone.

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