8 Facts You Should Know About A Woman’s Breast

8 Facts You Should Know About A Woman’s Breast

The breast is one of the most vital glands in both males and females. The breasts are paired structures located on the anterior thoracic wall, in the pectoral region. They exist in both males and females.

In women, the breasts encompass the mammary glands (an accessory gland of the female reproductive system). The mammary glands are the major establishments involved in breastfeeding. This is one of the major things that differentiates the breast of a woman from that of a man.

Aside from breastfeeding a baby, so many people do not know other facts associated with the breast of a woman and that is what I want to analyze in this article. Some other facts associated with a woman’s breast include; 

1. The breasts are not equal

So many women have the mindset that something is wrong if their left breast is bigger than the right but this is normal. So if you have been staring hard in the mirror wondering why one breast appears slightly bigger than the other, it is perfectly normal. Feel relaxed about everything. 

2. You cannot increase the size of your breast naturally

So many people will find it hard to accept this but it is true. This can only be attained through cosmetic surgery or botox. But there are yoga poses like these that can give you perkier, firmer breasts. You might argue that your breast size does enhance when you are lactating, but then the downside is you get saggy breasts too. Take note that surgery on the breast is dangerous hence avoid it. 

3. In your younger days, your breasts are a storehouse of milk glands, fats and collagen. But after a certain age, your breasts are simply fat bags. So with gravity acting strong, they tend to sag. So don’t feel bad about this because that’s nature. 

4. Research has shown that only 20 per cent of men look at your face when they meet you for the first time, the other 80 per cent are all busy staring at your breasts. The most fascinating fact about this is that staring at a woman’s breasts for 10 minutes continuously has the same result on men as half an hour of aerobic activity hence, it tends to increase their lifespan. 

5. Do you know that you could be harming the shape of your breasts by sleeping on your stomach? Studies have shown that sleeping sideways and also placing a pillow under your breasts while you sleep will give them additional support. Always do this to keep it healthy.

6. Have you noticed lumps in your breasts? When this happens, you must seek a doctor. But take note that when you’re menstruating your breasts go through different changes like soft, tender or swell, so check for permanent changes and visit a doctor immediately to avoid breast cancer.

7. For breastfeeding mothers, you may lose weight if you continue breastfeeding for up to six months. 

8. Research has also shown that lots of women are always unhappy with their breasts. Either they feel they are too small or they think it’s too big. This has pushed a lot of people into using the wrong pills for enhancement. 

9. Studies have shown that a large percentage of women are turned on by the slightest manipulation of their breasts. All men can use this to their advantage before intimacy. 

Everyone should take note of the tips of this article.

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