Sex Education 101 Topic: Teenage Pregnancy

Sex Education 101
Topic: Teenage Pregnancy

Teens pregnancies are a global problem, due to poor or lack of #sexualeducation, Many teens have been pressured into marriage because they got pregnant, some were forced to flush the innocent child out while very few stood their ground and become mothers while they are still kids, can a kid take care of a child, your mind is asking now…

Teenage pregnancy increases when girls are not educated on sex affairs parents should teach their kids and always listen to them, don’t be in a hurry to hush them, don’t break her trust, once she confides in you don’t belittle her, always welcome her with open hands… Make her confide in you freely.


1. Lack of sexual education.
2. Inadequate access to services tailored to teens
3. Family, and social pressure to marry her out
4. Sexual violence or rape.
5. Child abuse
6. Lack of education or dropping out of school
7. Lack of income (poor parent)
8. Lack of work (pressure to support home)
9. Reduced access to information about their ovulation
10. In some places, the desire to help bear a son for their father’s name


Teens pregnancy remains a major contributor to maternal and child mortality.
Complications relating to pregnancy and childbirth are the leading cause of death for girls aged 15-19 globally.
Pregnant teens face other health risks and complications due to their immature bodies. Babies born to younger mothers are also at greater risk.

For many teens, pregnancy and childbirth are neither planned, nor wanted. In countries where abortion is prohibited or highly restricted, adolescents typically resort to unsafe abortion, putting their health and lives at risk.
Some 3.9 million unsafe abortions occur each year to girls aged 15-19 in developing regions.

Teens pregnancy can also have negative social and economic effects on girls, their families and communities. Unmarried pregnant teens may face stigma or rejection by parents and peers as well as threats of violence. Girls who become pregnant before age 18 are also more likely to experience violence within a marriage or partnership.


We at QuinGist Entertainment, we are committed to educating teens and their parents on sex education, especially those who are most at risk and yet often overlooked. We are working on supporting girls who have already become teen-mothers.

We are aimed at protecting teens from unwanted pregnancy, early marriage, abuse and connecting them with education and health services, we support the key decisions they make about their futures and bodies.

We call on governments to strengthen national health systems, implement comprehensive education on sex and relationships in and out of schools.
We also demand governments do more to support pregnant girls and young mothers to continue and complete their education. If not they will be forced to try selling their child out for money.

We are also calling for an end to online abuse. Help stop harassment on social media

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