42 artistes, 19 producers: What Dj Saquo’s ‘Ola The True Definition’ Album will look like

42 artistes, 19 producers: What Dj Saquo’s ‘Ola The True Definition’ Album will look like


When Oginni Sunkanmi Dotun aka DJ Saquo started the ‘Ola The True Definition’, it looked like the project of a daydreamer, but with what he has done so far, it is going to be a masterpiece and point of inspiration for other DJs and artistes.

DJ Saquo who made a huge mark in Imo State with his monthly event ‘Star Nite’ is an award winning radio and event DJ who stands out with his understanding music and believes his album is an interpretation of his belief in music.HAVE YOU READ?:  Arsenal’s Akpom closes in on £2m PAOK move

He told www.otowngist.com that he believes good music can come from anywhere and his album will showcase that when it is finally released.

He also said that one thing he understands about music is that when it is gotten right, it unites a lot of factors and working with a large number of artistes will help him achieve that.

Unifying Imo Artistes

DJ Saquo said he chose only Imo based artistes for a reason because he wants to unite the industry in one album.

“This is more of a unification album. Bringing everyone under one CD is phenomenal, even though it was a huge task getting them all on the album”

“Some were very tough, while others were a little easier to arrange but the most important thing is that we did it. This album is being put together by me, but it will be coming out as our album, for both the artistes, producers and even those who did mixing and mastering”

42 artistes, 19 producers

“I wanted to sample diverse sounds, I wanted to have good sounds from the best producers in Imo State being worked on by the best artistes in the state; that’s what music is to me, best producers and best artistes to give the best sounds” Dj Saquo said.

With 39 artistes on the track, the award winning DJ said it was still one of the toughest choices to make, adding that even choosing the first 50 artistes to work with would give anyone serious selection headaches.HAVE YOU READ?:  Audio: JanexMara – Omoge | @JanexMara

“That is the toughest part. 42 is a very large number and I still feel there are others I should have brought in, but albums will never end, so in subsequent ones, I’ll be working with them”

“Today I am working with Imo State based artistes, next could be global or even people out of this planet, I just want to keep putting good music on the tables of those who love it. As a DJ , my main job is to feed people good music”

Oginni Sunkanmi Dotun aka DJ Saquo in action

Artistes on the album are Prymos, Leo Saint, Blazer Q, Konclution, Uzeal, Splendid B, F2, Janexmara, Neche, Cajeto, Kelsa, Ice Boy, Keony, D Ben, Odysis, LMG, Sauw Blaze and Fozter.

Others are Goldea, Duall, 2blac, Mcot Green, Yung Kriss, Pohzitive, Krystal, El Vicker, Lagboski, Rab-i, Keony, Viggo, Odysis, Regiz, Mikeyship, Naut B, DJ Saquo, Muder Crack, Kasablanka, Acharaman, Reflex, Double, Mr Ice and Redloaf.

Producers include, Coal, Dre, Audio Shack, Yun

gRoc, Mix Classic, Somik, Xtomix, Fey Flexy, Planet Mix, Sdik, NoTimon, Aizbag, Kasablanka, Regiz, Suspence, Finesse, Sugarbeatz, Cozzybeatz and Magic Beatz.

‘Ola The True Definition’ Album is expected to be released before the end of 2020 according to DJ Saquo, who said they are working towards a grand event to mark the release of the album.

Oginni Sunkanmi Dotun aka DJ Saquo

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