If you want women to see you as a man, do not tell them these seven things

If you want women to see you as a man, do not tell them these seven things

Have you ever wanted to impress a woman and make her like you and then suddenly, it all goes wrong. 

That’s why knowing what these things are, is important. Somethings you might think a compliment doesn’t sound like a compliment at all to her.

1. Do not use pet names except when you are in a relationship 

Many guys think saying things like sweetie, honey, cutie and baby are nice things to tell a girl, yes it is, but if you’re in a relationship with her, that’s it. 

If you’re not in a relationship, they’ll be freaked out by saying these things to her. It will push her away, and make her see you as a dumb person.

2. Always state my number here, call me 

Here is something you need to learn about people, it’s the way they were made by God, they need to be followed so if you want a woman to see you as an individual, you need to follow her. 

That’s why it’s important to ask for her number and pursue her, you ‘re supposed to be the one to call and text.

3. Do not compliment her sexually before fully knowing her 

You can compliment her in other ways but don’t tell her on your first date that she’s hot and sexy, it’ll look like having sex is all you want to do. 

Make her feel you want her for who she is and not because you’re attracted by a part of her body.

4. Never tell a girl you remember that she reminds you of my sister or my mum. 

First, don’t compare her to anybody else, especially not a member of the family. It makes her feel like she’s zoned to be a buddy and she could pass on from you.

5. Never say anything unfriendly to her 

So many guys say nowadays, play hard to get, walk away and she’ll choose you etc. Doing all these things will only hurt her if she is a toxic woman, because toxic women like drama, that will get her attention. 

A girl who wants to love you honestly for you will hurt her doing those things and push her away quickly.

6. Do not compare her to your ex 

Never compare her to your ex, telling me things like you remember my ex or telling her why she’s different from your ex is a No, No. 

7. Never tell her you think a different woman is hot 

This is self-explanatory, never do it, it will make her feel insecure and for that she will not like you.

Like you don’t want to hear her tell you about another hot guy, just like she doesn’t.

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