Erica Told Kiddwaya She Can Not Date Him And Here Is Why

Love may come at first sight but how far will cupid go to make the Lockdown ships sail? Let’s briefly examine the ships that have either failed or are still sailing. It happens all the time that moment when life imitates art and two BB Naija Housemates start a relationship in the game. Some ships start on pretty shakey ground and end up sailing strong while some start easy and may not have a great chance at survival because playing love in a House full of cameras, while still having reality at the back of your mind will leave you having your emotions all over the place

We decided to hear your thoughts on these ships:

Lilo and Eric clicked so well at the beginning that we almost started believing in love at first sight… until they had a mini break up last night and the love scales fell of our eyes. Or did it? The truth is in the Lockdown House, you will hardly find Lilo without Eric and vice versa, which is why after telling Biggie she was going to stop sharing her bed space with him in other to cut off the times spent together, many eyebrows were raised. ‘He’s a distraction,” she further affirmed. After this chat with Biggie, Lilo proceeded to talk to Eric about focusing on the game rather than investing so much time in their ship. Just as the LEric shippers were mourning the ship that was, we caught the couple in each other’s arms, kissing under the duvet.

When you call the ‘fall in love at first sight’ gang, this couple top the list. Although we’re not sure of their ship’s name, we’re pretty sure these two have the hots for each other. We’ve watched them closely and we can’t but admire how nice it is when they compliment each other on their looks and it’s also nice to see Neo confess his feelings to her (especially after claiming he woke up and found himself in the entanglement).

Last night, their ship faced a bit of turbulence when we overheard Vee telling Lilo that if Neo cannot come tell her what’s wrong and will rather give her an attitude, then she’ll remove herself from the equation. “He’s not my boyfriend anyway,” she said. However, waking up to see them all cuddled up and looking cute gave their shippers all the reassurance they need.

It almost seems as though the word entanglement was made for these Housemates – Ozo, Dorathy, Nengi and Prince.

One moment, BB Naija fans were happily naming Ozo and Nengi – Ozone, the next minute we see Prince in the mix and what seems like more than a friendship between Ozo and Dorathy. Were you confused reading this last statement? Well, that’s how confused we are about this situation as well. Are you in a ship or nah OzoNe?

Dorathy and Ozo have an effortless connection when they are together which always features smiles, loud laughs and great gist and even though they claim to be just friends, we wondered if there was more to this especially when Dorathy plainly told Ozo she wasn’t comfortable being seen as his side chick while he was getting booed up with Nengi. Not until when Ozo cleared the air on Sunday and told us this was just a situation of his friendship with Dorathy and his attraction for Nengi being caught in a mix up.

We will rather not spend so much time trying to detangle this entanglement, so we’ll leave you guys with these questions. Why is Prince suddenly a threat to the OzoNe ship? Where does this leave Dorathy? Guess we have an answer.

Asides from the reassuring kiss he gave her and a couple of cuddling moments, forehead kissed and bed sharing sessions together, what else makes Erica and Kiddwaya a sailing ship in Biggie’s House.

Well, we guess all the points above count as reasons why this couple should keep sailing right? But what happens to those times when Kiddwaya told Wathoni that they look cute together, or the time Erica said she sees Kiddwaya as a player? That was her main point for saying she can’t date Kiddwaya that seeing him with other ladies can give her high blood pressure.

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