10 Top Questions To Ask A Girl You Like.

It takes a lot for a man to gather the courage to speak with a lady he likes and admires, he makes sure he has done a lot of preparations before he walks up to a girl and start to have a conversation with her, especially if he is a shy person or it is his first time toasting a girl.

Some guys make a lot of practise in front of the mirror they over think everything and when they finally come face to face with the girl they have a crush on, they immediately forget how to speak. Girls are attracted to interesting guys and asking excellent questions will make you more interesting, when you are interacting with a girl you don’t know, learn to fill the conversation with well thought out questions, only then will the interaction have a natural flow and it will seem like you have both known each other for a long time.

“If you don’t know how to ask the right questions you will discover nothing”

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1) What is your name?

This is a very simple but yet powerful question, most guys seem to miss this. Asking for her name tells her you are really interested in her and what she has going on, you don’t just meet a girl and start telling her you like her without first knowing what she is called. A name is a very important and personal information, people are happy when somebody they haven’t seen for a long time remembers their name, so learn to first ask her for her name first of all.

for this sake of this article we will use the name Eve.

2) Eve where are you from?

Note that this question is not necessarily about her state of origin, it could be where she was born or where she lives at the moment. Also note her name was used to ask the question, because it is a conversation not an interrogation. Don’t just ask “where are you from?” Learn to give it a flow, like you are really interested in the information.

3) What do you love doing Eve?

Try to find out what she is passionate about, once you let her start telling you the things she loves to do, then you do not have to make so much effort anymore the conversation is now being enjoyed by both of you. Have you ever experienced a situation when you are discussing with somebody and they start to get over excited, well it may be because you have touched on a topic they a passionate about.

4) where are the places you would love to go to?

Every girl has a dream of travelling to beautiful places, many people nurse the fantasy of travelling the world and it would be smart of you to ask. If they don’t have places they would love to travel to ( which is highly unlikely) you can ask them of places they have been, then you just sit back and watch them unload stories on you.

5) What are the things you don’t like in a man?

These are what is called the deal breakers, not only is this a necessary question it is also a smart one if you really want to be in her life. Let her tell you before hand the things she doesn’t like, so you don’t make the mistake of doing them. Some deal breakers are “I don’t like men with body odour” then make sure you take your bath before going to see her, others would say ” I don’t like men that tell lies”, well try to be honest around her and some may say “I don’t like men that are broke” well go and hustle.

6) So Eve, is what you are doing presently what you want to do forever?

She may be an employer, an employee or even a student, try to ask her what her ambition is. It is a very important question because it shows you are interested in whatever she is interested in. By asking her if she is contented with what she has going on and she discloses it, you have built a strong bond with her.

7) what did you love doing while growing up?

Everybody had something exciting they loved doing in their childhood days, either it is watching cartoon, rope jumping, playing a particular game. People tend to have a nostalgic feeling when they remember the things they did as kids and relate it to somebody that is interested in knowing.

8) What are your secret talent?

Everybody believe in one way or the other that they are special, they believe they have something that only they can do best. Asking a girl for her secret talent is a smart thing to do because you have giving her the chance to sell herself to you.

9) What are your bad habits?

Some men are afraid to ask this question, they think it is not a good question to ask, well you are wrong, it is one of the best questions you can ask. By letting her open up to you about certain things she is not proud of, you have both moved to another level of relationship, “This this is not the type of question you ask on the first day”. Well that is wrong ask away, if she doesn’t answer you good and if she does answer you better, but do not shy away from this question. It also gives you the chance to know if she is the kind of girl you want in your life.

10) What do you like most about yourself?

Everybody have what they love and what that hate about themselves, asking her what she likes about herself or her best qualities, is a good move because it gives her the opportunity to highlight her good attribute and compliment herself. She may say stuff like her hair, eyes, intelligence, beauty or handwriting this will give your points on what to compliment her on in the future.

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