Will You Cut This Wedding Cake? If You Are The Bride

The Bride Refuses To Cut Her Wedding Cake After Her Cake Designer Brought A Cake That Looks Like Her

The bride became very angry immediately she say the cake her cake designer made for her. She could not even cut the cake, probably because the cake looks like her.

Though cake is an editable something which makes everyone happy no matter how small or big, but if a cake designer gives it a fearful design it can make humans think otherwise. As for me I can’t imagine cutting a cake that looks like me on my wedding day.

And that was what happened to this bride, she became very angry on her wedding day, immediately she saw the type of cake that her cake designer made for them. 

The presented cake looks like her dead body. Though the cake designer tried to an extent in the making of the cake. But I was not all that perfect.

However,I have been asking myself this question, does it mean that the wife never told the cake designer what she wanted or maybe they husband was the one in charge of the cake?😉 So he wanted to surprise her. Who do you think is at fault here, is it the cake designer or the husband or the angry wife? 

Lesson to learn don’t always allow your husband to do everything for you. There should be a limitations to all he can do. So that you don’t get bias at the end of the result.

Women is the volume high or should I increase it😂😂😂

As a lady, can you cut this type of cake on your wedding? Do you think the woman is right for being angry?

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