Why You Should Never Sleep With Girls That Wear Waist Beads

Waist beads are often worn by African women to show femininity.

It has deeper meanings.

However, ladies nowadays wear them as form of decoration, tracking weight loss and gain, body shaping.

Little do they know that these beads symbolise spirituality, protection, womanhood, fertility, sexuality, etc.

Natives have some spiritual beliefs associated with the colours of beads embedded in the strings.

Egyptian women wore them in those days to allure men while dancing

In Africa, the attractiveness of a woman is attached to her buttocks and the beads help women show off this feature.

In Northern Nigeria, waist bead is called ‘Jigida’ while the Yoruba people refer to it as ‘Bebedi’.

Below are some of the waist colour beads and what they signify:
1. Red Colour Beads
This colour signifies sexuality, energy, self confidence, vitality, passion, love, power, desire and vitality.

Be scared when you come in contact with any lady wearing a red colour bead.
2. Green Colour Beads
It is a symbol for harmony, fertility, prosperity, abundance, hope and growth.
3. Gold Colour Beads
Gold is a symbol of wealth, preciousness, power and high quality.
4. White Colour Beads
This colour portrays innocence, humility, purity, youth, light, cleanliness, goodness and virginity.
5. Pink Colour Beads
It means romance, friendship, sweetness, femininity, kindness, appreciation and tenderness.

Please run for your life if you meet a lady wearing this colour of beads.
6. Black Colour Beads
This signifies protection, elegance, authority, depth and formality.

My advise when you meet a lady wearing a black waist bead, run.
7. Purple Colour Beads
This colour signifies mystery, luxury independence, magic, spirituality and ambition.
8. Orange Colour Beads
Orange colour breeds warmth, success, enthusiasm, attraction and creativity.
9. Blue Colour Beads
Blue colour is a symbol for wisdom, knowledge, loyalty, devotion, trust, peace, faith and healing.
10. Brown Colour Beads
It is a colour that portrays stability, earth, strength, natural, honesty, comfort and reliability.
11. Silver Colour Beads
It is a symbol for serenity, grace, insight, glamour, dreams and energy.
12. Yellow Colour Beads
It is a symbol for energy, calmness, joy, happiness and clarity.
13. Turquoise Colour Beads
This colour signifies communication and self-awareness.

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